Driven by Coffee; Inspired by Wine

…because Life is what happens between coffee and wine.

About Me

Hi… I’m Shelly!

I love a good cup of coffee, a great glass bottle of wine and a tasty craft beer…

…and I am a life-long learner.

In my 40+ years I have discovered that the very best way to LEARN is by sharing thoughts, ideas, interests and opinions with other people.

Back in 2016, I read a sentence that ignited a spark inside me: “Life is what happens between Coffee and Wine.” – and that, my friends, is how Driven by Coffee; Inspired by Wine came to be…

This is a space for me to share posts about many of my passions including:

cooking, food and baking

wine, craft beer, coffee and other beverages

home décor, antiques, repurposed treasures and DIY

books, writing, and poetry

music and art

travel and road trippin’

hints and tips


quotes and inspiration

and much, much more…

Oh – and I am frugal (did I mention that I am a bookkeeper?!?) but not cheap, so you will find that I mention a lot of ways to save a buck without compromising quality.

I hope you will bookmark my page and come back often – we can have some fun learning from – and sharing with – each other!



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