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Project: Repurpose an Old Desk Drawer

Some days I suffer from ADHD. Today was one of them. I started working on a spice jar label project then got distracted by a potential storage solution for my vinyl records. Then that sparked an idea for more shelf space in my bathroom. I was taking measurements for one idea and confusing them with measurements for the other. And, throughout the chaos, I went to the fridge three times to grab the ribs to throw in the slow cooker. I even lost track of time and missed the first hour of the football game!

I finally got control of myself and returned to the spice jar labels. Unfortunately, the method I was trying didn’t work for me. The process uses a printed page, packing tape and water. It worked perfectly in the How-To video I watched but, after my failed attempt, I realized that buddy didn’t specify what type of printer he used. I have an ink-jet printer – something tells me you need to print your page using a laser printer. I emailed the Word document to myself at work and will print it with the laser printer there. Hopefully my second attempt will be successful.

As for the idea I had for the added shelf space in my bathroom, I now have a plan – I just need to find the time to execute it. My bathroom is so tiny there isn’t even enough room to change your mind in there! I only have a pedestal sink and the lack of counter space drives me crazy. A small shelf that I distressed hangs on the wall beside the medicine cabinet – the extra space has helped for the 2+ years I have lived here, but my needs have changed. The biggest dilemma I now have is a lack of space for all the hair accessories I have accumulated now that I wear my hair long! LOL.

This pic shows the existing shelf beside my medicine cabinet and the new shelf will hang in the space above the toilet…

bathroom wall space

The cabinet above the toilet is great for storing towels and extra toiletries, but it sucks for everyday use. The bottom shelf is the only one accessible without a step-stool, and having to reach over the toilet makes it awkward (and dangerous) to get things in and out.

A little over a year ago, a friend gave me a drawer from an old desk. He thought I could shabby chic it and use it to display my gemstone collection. It was a fabulous idea but, unfortunately, I couldn’t squeeze out enough dresser or desk space to utilize it. The drawer has been leaning against the wall in the corner of my bedroom; waiting for it’s day to shine…

old drawer

Well, the time has come! It is going to be repurposed as a shelf for my bathroom! 🙂 I wasn’t sure if I wanted to distress it or leave it as is, so I set it on the toilet to see how it would look if it was left untouched. I wish I could have hung it in the exact spot, but this helped me picture how it would look:

drawer in bathroom

The grain in the wood is beautiful, but, personally, I think it is too dark for my bathroom. So, instead of distressing it, I am going to try whitewashing it first. (I will mask off the metal pieces to retain their integrity.) Then, if that doesn’t turn out as planned, I will distress it.

I have all the supplies I need for this project, so, if all goes as planned, I should have a completed project update for you next weekend! 🙂

By the way – after I finally settled in to watch the football game this afternoon, I realized that I still hadn’t put the ribs in the slow cooker! By that time, it was too late – unless I wanted to eat at 9:00 PM! So, instead, I pulled out my recipe for slow cooking beef ribs in the oven. (It only takes three and a half hours.) Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out how they turned out…!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



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