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Chocolate Covered Yummieness!

It’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!

At Christmastime, Queen Anne’s Cordial Cherries are in abundance and I usually treat myself to a box every year. But, somehow, this year I overlooked my annual indulgence! I will have to look around – maybe I can score a deal on some now that the holiday season is over…

I have a bottle of Cupcake Black Forest Decadent Red that would love to hook up with some chocolate covered cherries!

The history of chocolate covered cherries is quite interesting.

“The medicinal use of the cordial continued until the 1400’s when it arrived in England. They were “taken” after excessive eating to settle the stomach and aide digestion and became known as “surfeit waters.” Not only that but they were considered aphrodisiacs. By the 1700’s cordials were becoming known for their intoxicating effects as well, which probably helped with the aphrodisiac thing (fewer inhibitions, if ya know what I mean).”

You can read the whole story here:

If you are feeling adventurous, here are links to two recipes to make your own cordials:

With booze (you need 3 days): Serious Eats

Without booze (you need 2 weeks!): Favorite Family Recipes

If you try either of the recipes, let me know how they turn out. And I’d be interested to know how difficult the whole process is. I think I would have a hard time leaving them for so long to set!

Well, my friends, I hate to cut this short, but my household and budgetary duties are nagging me! LOL.

I hope you are having a wonderful Winesday!

See you again soon.



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