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I’m Not Obsessive, I’m Organized!

January is Get Organized Month and, being a self-proclaimed “Queen of Organization”, I just HAD to jump all over this topic! (And I didn’t want to wait until April 26th which is Get Organized Day.)

My friends poke fun at and mock my organizational traits, and I’m OK with that. I remember, on a few occasions, my buddy Jim brought a few beverages over and, when he put them in the fridge, he would deliberately and meticulously line all the bottles up; perfectly spaced and turned so that all the labels faced forward in the exact same position. This was a grandiose exaggeration of my habit of ensuring there was space between my beer bottles so that they would chill quicker.

When my friends started referring to me as being anal, I would argue that I wasn’t anal, I was just very organized. Eventually I accepted the title. A few years ago I even coined the term “analities”. A guy I dated had similar “organizational rituals” and I used to say that our “analities” were compatible and played well together.

I read this great article – “The Difference Between Being Anal-Retentive and Having OCD” – and it’s confirmed: I am definitely A-R, but I am not OCD!

For a very specific reason, I have been spending some time going through my personal Pinterest boards. (I will blog about that soon.) Around mid-November, I was browsing through my “Pin-spiration for: My Pantry” board which made me recall my blog post from June 23, 2017: Pining for a Pantry. And so it began…

…I started reorganizing my kitchen cupboards. SIX TIMES to be exact! I even bought some great jars and canisters from the Dollarama, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Last week, after the 6th overhaul, one of my cupboards looked like this:

cupboard with jars and canisters

But I thought, “What’s the sense of having all those cute jars when they are stuck behind a cupboard door?” I stood in my kitchen for quite a long time, trying to find some wall space that would accommodate open shelving for my pantry items. The only suitable space was the wall above this lone lower cabinet:

wall space above single lower kitchen cabinet

Last week, while I was off, I measured the space and wrote down the dimensions of all the different sizes of jars I had. Then I began sketching (on graph paper, of course) my perfect pantry shelving unit. Because I don’t know the first thing about buying building materials, I started scouring the home improvement store websites for potential pre-fab units that might fit the bill. If I could find something inexpensive, I would distress it to match my decor…

My searches were fruitless and, as I stared off into space, trying to decide on my next step, my gaze landed on the distressed red pine cabinet I had in my living room. (You can see it in the pic above.) Within seconds, I am pretty sure a glowing light bulb appeared above my head. That cabinet would look awesome in my kitchen!

I practically jumped off the sofa and ran to the kitchen. Could I move the lower cabinet? YES!! Where would I put it? In the basement. Would the red cabinet fit in it’s place? HECK YES!! Would the jars and canisters fit on the shelves? ABSOLUTELY!

It was too late in the day to call a friend to help me move the cupboard into the basement, so I decided to wait until the morning. Besides, I have learned that, sometimes, it’s best to sleep on an idea before jumping in with both feet. Although I was anxious to get this project started, I am happy that I waited until the next day.

As I was lingering over my second cup of coffee, I had an A-Ha moment. Maybe I could move the kitchen cupboard into the porch instead of the basement…? I grabbed my measuring tape and measured the width of the cupboard and then the width of the only available space in my porch – between an old cabinet and the outer wall.

The space was about 1/8″ shy of being able to accommodate the cupboard, but I thought I could probably push the cabinet over slightly and slide the cupboard in. So I got out of my jammies and put on some work clothes. I unscrewed the cupboard from the kitchen wall and dragged it towards the porch door. That was the easy part. Did I mention that the cupboard has a granite top? Getting it down the two steps into the porch without the cabinet crumbling under the weight of the granite – challenging, but manageable on my own. Not being able to squeeze out enough space in the porch – frustrating. But I don’t give up easily.

I scrutinized the trim around the counter top and found that, with a little effort, I could pull it off on one side. Once I successfully removed the one piece of trim, the cupboard slid easily in between the cabinet and the wall.

kitchen cupboard between cabinet and wall in porch

Not only do I have more storage space in my porch, but the cupboard can be easily moved back into the kitchen and the trim reapplied if I ever decide to move. (Or if I change my mind and want to move it back! LOL.) Getting to look at this every day is a guarantee I won’t be wanting to move the cupboard back any time soon!

red pine cabinet with pantry jars and canisters

My new pantry isn’t quite complete, though. I need to get canisters for my flour and the variety of dried pastas I have. Once I get those, I will put the pastas on the bottom shelf and move the produce to a new home. I have an awesome potato bin my sister painted for me years ago – due to a lack of space, I had to put it in the basement. Just tonight I had another A-Ha moment – the potato bin will fit nicely between the fridge and the cabinet! That will be the new (and proper) home for my produce.

Unfortunately, because the heat vent is there, I will have to put the potato bin in the porch during the winter months, but, come spring, it will be proudly placed in my kitchen! 🙂 And now that I have rearranged the porch to accommodate the kitchen cupboard, I also have space for the potato bin!


Do you have any projects planned for Get Organized Month?



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