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Spice Jar Labels – DIY

Hey Peeps! I had a very productive weekend, but, unfortunately, I didn’t fully complete my desk-drawer-turned-shelf project. I tried a couple coats of whitewash on the drawer, but it just looked like a half-assed paint job. So, I grabbed my jar of homemade white chalk…

Project: Repurpose an Old Desk Drawer

Some days I suffer from ADHD. Today was one of them. I started working on a spice jar label project then got distracted by a potential storage solution for my vinyl records. Then that sparked an idea for more shelf space in my bathroom. I…

Chocolate Covered Yummieness!

It’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Day! At Christmastime, Queen Anne’s Cordial Cherries are in abundance and I usually treat myself to a box every year. But, somehow, this year I overlooked my annual indulgence! I will have to look around – maybe I can score a…

January 20 – Today is:

Cheese Lover's Day; Butter Crunch Day; D.J. Day

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January 20 , 1983 - Def Leppard released their third studio album 'Pyromania' which featured their new guitarist, Phil Collen. The album was produced by Robert "Mutt" Lange. The album has now sold over 10 million copies in the US.
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